Rev. 1 vs. 3

The Sayings of the Son

“Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it; for the time is near.” (Rev. 1 vs. 3)
“These are the days ears ought to be open to hear what the Son is saying. We can’t continue to live our life without hearing the Son anymore. Life has become difficult. Things have changed, even in the earthly dimension. Ye, things have changed. The tides over lives have gone higher, spirits that rule over men are taking very strong strife against mankind. These are the days we ought to hear the Son O’ ye people of God.
These are the days we need to hear the Son, the Son is the answer, and the Son of God is the key to escape. These are the days to hear Him who has spoiled principalities and powers and made an open show of them because He triumphs them in it because He knows the exact thing to say to you for you to find safety and salvation against your enemy who hates you.
These are the days of great deliverance also because the Son has a lot to say. There are many things that are in the reservoir of the realm of the spoken word that has not been spoken to men. Many have not heard the Son, but these are the days the Son is opening up to speak to men because there is no time any longer. Time is not on your side; time is not on your side. Corruption is taking over and is moving over men at a very high speed, but you see, corruption is not powerful than Me. I’m higher than corruption. I’ve destroyed corruption power. I operate with a higher power, but you see, My people are not seeing Me, and because they’re not seeing me, they can’t hear Me.
These are the days you need to wait a little bit and allow the rumors to go pass, and allow the shoutings to go pass. These are the days which you need to wait a little bit and don’t run the race of the earth and miss what the Son is saying. These are the days to be stable and be quiet to hear Heaven talk. This is the time for heavenly talk.
The earth can’t continue on her own anymore; the earth can’t say, ‘Oh, I don’t have need of heaven.’ No, you can’t live life anymore. Anybody who thrusts himself into the future without Christ is putting his head into condemnation and damnation. Ye, this is salvation. 
The Son is the solution for the future and the very now, the future that is after now.
Ye, the next step you ought to take, don’t take it without the Son. Ye, walk and wait and wait for the light of the Son; wait for the Son to speak to you. Ye, these are the days men ought to be equipped with the Son stuff. These are the days men ought to understand what the Son is saying. Ye, many, many men; many people will come into hearing the Son talks. I will open ears to hear. You will hear Me clearly. You will begin to hear Me talk to you. I’ll begin to instruct you even in the darkness times.
This is the night season, or haven’t I said that I’d instruct you in the night season? These are the days of the night. I have instruction for the dark times, and my instruction illuminates darkness. You will have understanding, and you won’t fear the darkness that has come over men. Ye, when we talk about darkness, I’m not talking of darkness as of the day. I’m talking about the operations of the evil, the veil of darkness coming from the machinations of Satan, his plans, his secrets, his agenda against humanity. Where he is driving mankind to, but I have a solution for that.
Don’t run without Me. You can’t live this life again; life has become more dangerous. Now, listen to Me: with the armor of flesh, you can’t survive life. You can no longer survive life with the armor of flesh. But you see, the only way to prepare you is to come before you were thrown outside so that you will be prepared with the light of God. I’ll prepare you with My voice because that is the answer to the world; that is the answer that will knock off the strategies of the world. That is the key that will make the world bow; greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.
I’m greater than the devil; I’m greater than darkness, I’m better than Satan. I’ve destroyed Him. I’ve better substance with Me; I’m stronger than the devil. Behold, I’ve power, I’ve strength. I’ve conquered all the things Satan will ever plan. Everything he had planned, everything he is about to come into, I know them all. I’ve seen his bulletin; even the one his thought has not thought, I’ve seen it, and I’ve made provision against them. If you walk in Me, you will walk in salvation. You will be free from the clutches of the devil; you’ll be free from the snare of the fowler.
My daughters, my children, there are snares out there. Oh! I’ll teach you how to recognize the danger; I’ll teach you to discern the evil. I’ll show you the evil, and you will avoid it because I’ll train you and I’ll equip you.
I’m raising such an army, ARMY OF THE LORD, Army of the Lord that will be dressed with breastplates of glory. They will be able to bounce back darkness. Darkness will come against them, and they will bounce it back. Darkness will not have an effect on them because I’ve made them formidable. I’ve prepared them, whereas they have been insulated against darkness. I’ve immune them against the wiles of the devil.
Oh! They will grow above the intelligence of evil; they will be sharper, better, brighter. They will be brighter than the firmament of heaven. I’ll make them better. I will raise men and in men will be contained the ability to beat darkness. Ye, I will raise men above spirits. I’ll raise men above Satan. Men, Satan will behold that I’ve fashioned, and I’ve raised and turned into gold, even better than the gold of Ophir. Men that men will sought for, and they will say, ‘we want you instead of gold’ because I’ve made them.
Men will be finer than gold; Men will be better than silver. Men will be chosen instead of ruby; men will come into a pedigree of glory whereby they will so shine, and the world will want them, and they will not want the world, and the world will want to buy them, and they will cast disdain at the world. Men that Satan cannot buy, men that darkness cannot bribe.
Ye, I’ll equip them because they will see the skeletal dimension of Satan, they will x-ray darkness and understand that there is nothing and that everything that darkness lies on is vanity, a cacophony of lies. They will see through darkness; they will understand that darkness is nothing. They will see because they have light in themselves.” Halleluiah!
The above prophecy was transcripted. We hope that this has blessed you, and truly this is the time to lay aside every weight and sin that will not allow us to pick heavenly signals in our lives, for we are in the end times and it is at the door! 
Know that this time we are in, the darkness will grow thicker and stronger, so also will the light go stronger and brighter. Worry not if you are on the Lord’s side, and you take the time to hear His word and listen to His instructions, but if you’re not steady with Him, or you have not accepted Him. This is the time to accept and run into Him. Time is running out! It is coming! 
May the grace of our Lord Jesus, the love of the Father, the fellowship and tutelage of the Holy Spirit, be with all saints in Christ. Amen.

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