prayer of faith

A Little Prayer of Faith

A little prayer of faith can indeed move mountains. Sometimes, we find ourselves in very unpleasant situations, and we are often confused about what to do. It is very easy to become angry at this period, especially when what we are envisaging is not coming to fruition. Such a moment can be our weakest hour in the scheme of things.
The enemy will also try to discourage you and even blow the situation out of proportion. Do not be too confident when you see other people pass through difficult periods. It is facile to say, “I will get through that in a short time. Piece of cake!” We can’t know how troubled our soul can be until we experience certain things.
It is then, sometimes, we discover that though we claim to have faith, we can still be terribly disturbed.
Anyone can be shaken in faith concerning situations because, at that moment, we have shifted our position to the realm of the flesh. We are no longer in the Spirit to diagnose such circumstances. It requires constant training of the Holy Ghost to view things with the eyes of the Spirit.
Don’t blame or look down on your fellow brethren because he is weak in certain situations. Pray for one another, and encourage one another in the Holy Ghost. The world has created a web of problems, which actually are no problem to the Spirit of God, for He who created things that are not as though they were is still with us.
Don’t be too weary; activate that tiny spark of faith! Angels of God are waiting for you to give the orders. May Jesus gives you the victory, whatever situation you’re in. Amen.

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