The Path of Righteousness

From an apprentice of Eternal Life and Righteousness in God through Christ Jesus, not of works or the will of man, but by the mercy of Him that sits on the throne. To the church living at the closing of the age and when the roots of apostasy shall sprout. 
Greetings from God the Father and Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of truth who has been working in us that we children and sons of the resurrection are brought into the inheritance of the Father. It is by mercy we have been chosen to be ministers of these things and called to be custodians of the Life of God.
Being inspired by the Spirit, I chose to write some things at this crucial hour we live in, for the tides have changed and seasons of the end which our beloved brother, Apostle Paul, spake of have drawn nigh upon us as the appearance of Our Lord is about to be unveiled. For the Lord has revealed to us things of the past, and of the present also we are not troubled, nor things that shall be we are not devoid of understanding. 
For ye know that in latter times, when the dispensation of time will be brought to a close, men shall love the pleasure of this evil age, thereby despising the pleasure which is in Christ. They shall wax strong in wickedness and the path of Righteousness they shall make folly of. 
Strange things and evil schemes from the machinations of the evil one will be made known to certain men, and people shall glory in the work of their hands and turn themselves to be the enemy of the Father and His Lamb through the knowledge of wickedness wrought in high places.
The time which God spake about through the mouth of the prophets since the beginning of times have we entered. For all these things were said beforehand to guide us and watch over souls by taking heed, lest we are caught unaware as those that are slumbering, not being able to discern the times and seasons like the sons of Issachar. Now Enoch, the seventh from Adam, spake of these things at the beginning of days which concern the end of times, saying, 
And unrighteousness shall again be consummated on the earth and all the deeds of unrighteousness and of violence and transgression shall prevail in a two-fold degree.
Truly shall the works of unrighteousness increase and the way of Truth be hidden in these times but those who have made the fountains of the living water their abode shall have light in themselves lest they walk in the great darkness that shall soon befall the earth. Let us, therefore, run the race of Righteousness that is laid before we believers, lest evil catches up with us, holding steadfast to our faith, that we may overcome the corruption set in motion by the wicked one.
For we have been told beforehand that our souls should be pilgrims on the earth, not being at ease to build cities in Babylon, that we might escape this mundane realm, being caught up to the throne of God. For the wealth, pleasure, glory, and beauty of Babylon shall end in an hour; so, let us therefore, forsake the doctrines taught to us by philosophies, demons, and men’s traditions, thereby having our souls released from the traps of this present age, looking forward to the world to come and living by the heavenly culture, the laws of paradise, which shall be and is being bestowed on us through the Spirit of Life.
Build the ark in you, that your soul may be kept safe when the flood shall once again sweep over the earth. For this flood that I speak of is the flood of ungodliness which shall drown men who have not built the ark to stay afloat nor grown the wings of the Spirit to fly to safety. Of these things the scriptures attested to in the days of Enoch who obtained the testimony of pleasing God that “the soul of Enoch was wrapped up in the instructions of the Lord, in knowledge and in understanding. 
Forsake things that may seduce the soul unto the path of ungodliness, and encase the inward man with the knowledge and wisdom of the Holy One. For the grace of God has appeared unto us, empowering us not to conform any longer to the system of this present age which brings one to destruction. 
Finally, brethren, lay hold on the Life of God, that deaths of various makings being infused by the Enemy may not get hold of you. May the Spirit of Truth who has been sent to be of help to us, keep we saints blameless and perfect till the coming of Christ Jesus Our Lord, the Anointed One, who shall judge both the living and the dead at His appearance. Amen.

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