greatness of god

The Greatness of God

I looked beyond the waters, and no one is as great as our God. You are the greatest O’ Holy One that sits amid the Cherubs. You are the Highest, O’ Father of spirits. I hear the chants of the 3rd heaven: Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty. You are worthy of being praised thou Holy One of Eternal love! El-Elyon, you’re the Most High—Higher than all mountains and clouds. Who is worthy of being praised but Elohim—who is worthy of being worshiped but Adonai?
The Lord sits in the heavens to see if there are those with understanding among the children of men, who will journey the walk of faith and spread His kingdom on earth. Adonai, you are the beautiful One that dwells in holiness.
Keep me from dwelling in Kedar, and uplift me to the mount of Zion. For earnestly I’ve longed for the gathering in the city of the Great King, that I may worship with your servants amidst the stones of fire and behold the beauty of the Lord in His temple. No one is as beautiful as our God; glorious in holiness and fearful in praises. 
I will chant the greatness of your Name for all ages; I will reveal what Elohim has done for me, and make known your lovingkindness among Your people.
Who is as great as our God? No one, nor shall ever be. Praise the King of kings you who dwell below the waters, and declare His wondrous works unto all generations.
I will praise Him in His beautiful language of thanksgiving, and I will show forth His wisdom among the simple, and the beauty of His understanding among the learned. 
Praise the Lord of lords, you stars of God above the sea. Let the flame of His holiness go beyond His temple into the children of men, and let His glory shine upon the sons of God. Beautiful and pure in love; gracious in mercy and meekest in personality. Let the chant continue forever: No one is as great as our God. Amen.

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