God’s Heroes & Champions

God’s heroes and champions are men who fought the good fight of faith across ages, from the days of Adam to this present time. The world has given us ‘types of heroes’ and champions we should imitate and follow. However, the glory that passes away is but a mist that appears for a second.
Many people have sold their soul to this world just to be like someone who fades, whose glory goes away with the setting of the sun. It is good to aspire to be ‘something’ and be good or be the best at what you do in your earthly profession. However, the problem comes when such a thing becomes your life, when the soul has reached a stage where you can’t separate it from that worldly desire.
This is the stage the prophet Hosea talks of when he said, “Ephraim is joined to idols; let him alone.” This means such a thing has become an idol; it has formed an image in the soul of such a man. However, what are idols meant for? They are meant to be worshiped! Sometimes, the worldly system produces champions and heroes for men to worship in their souls rather than God.
It may not be too obvious in the first place, but secretly, in the inner of hearts, they are worshipping these people whom the worldly system has raised.
These heroes and champions can also stand as images meant to shift the people’s gaze from someone. We as people of the Way are meant to only look on One—who alone is the Champion of all creation, who is not created and has been before anyone came to be, Jesus—the Anointed One. He alone we are to worship in spirit, soul, and body. Anything else is dangerous and a counterfeit.  
It is amazing to know that God too has/have His own champions and heroes. However, they are only meant to encourage us to be more like God; these champions are only instructors, not the real deal—Jesus is. These champions of God are those who walked with God and overcame this present world. They cast disdain at what this present age has to offer, and cling to the Almighty.
Do not be deceived with the glories of this world; for they are meant to put us away from getting the goal. All the things they have set us up with are not ‘vacation things.’ The world does not mean well for us who follow God. Our brother, Apostle Paul, commanded us, “Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children.
I will leave you with this; God is looking for heroes of His faith and life—these are the ones who will turn their backs on this worldly system and her promises; this present age and its seduction. God’s heroes and champions are the ones who follow Christ wherever He goes. Fight the good fight of faith. Maranatha!

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