ancient paths

Ancient Paths

To a fellow brother in the Lord, called to the Will of God and the Paths of TruthDerek Kelv.
Dear Derek,
From an apprentice of eternal life and righteousness in God through Christ Jesus; not by man’s will, but by the mercy of the Eternal Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of Him who sits on the throne. I write to you as I promised days back regarding becoming a true believer in the Lord Jesus, with faith and works. For I see your desire and thirst to know the things of Life given through the gospel of the Lord.
Know this: no one can come to the Father except by Jesus; no knowledge can reveal the Son of God except for the knowledge of the Tree of Life. The knowledge you have been called to learn, that you may become a true believer in the doctrine of the Lord is the knowledge of Eternal Living as revealed by the Spirit of God. Not a knowledge as we know of going on in the world today, which brings many to death.
Remember what the Lord told us, and also His disciples in His sojourning days on earth, that narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who finds it. As you know, for you do not need that I expound this, that in the latter times, difficult days shall come, and these difficult days are already upon us. Likewise is seeking to know the Truth and fellowshipping with Eternal Living. Truly, narrow is the gate and difficult is the way, only a few find it.
For you need to find first what is missing through searching, and then you can declare: I have found the lost paths which are the ancient paths our fellow brother in the truth of Elohim, Prophet Jeremiah, talked of in his writings (Jeremiah 6:16).
The ancient paths of our God, on which Enoch, Melchizedek, and Noah tread are lost to them who do not seek the truth but are after the façade of this world. But to them who thirst after the ways of righteousness shall this hidden path be revealed.
Only a few find that which is hidden, and that which is hidden is narrow (meaning it is a gate that only children can go through) and difficult to access (only those who are patient and wait on the Lord can tread; for by human strength shall no man prevail). Do not be distracted by the shouts and rumors of the world, but seek earnestly to hear the voice of the Son; as it was written to them who desire to become the oracles of God that Elohim in these last days has chosen to speak via His Son whom He has appointed heir of all things.
For many voices are now in the world, claiming to be true and of the Lord. How shall you know that which is not of the truth? You know this by the first Sight of the Spirit, which will empower you to check the foundation of such a voice. Any voice whose foundation is not rooted in the knowledge of the Son is not of the truth.
For many have gone the ways of the world, preaching vain things and teaching the life of ‘graveyardry’ which is the life of death; for this is the very life the patriarchs earnestly fought against for our sake, that we may know how to behave and live when the doctrine of the Lord shall appear unto His children.
How shall you see when you have not heard, and how shall you walk when you have not seen? We see by faith and walk in the Holy paths by what we have heard. Be careful of what you hear; for many words flying around are signals from the evil one meant to darken your eyes, kill your faith, and cripple your legs, so that you may not walk the Enochian paths.
Do not forsake the assembly of the brethren but be careful of the assembly you keep, as it is said concerning the end of the age: deception shall abound in two-fold, and many shall come in His Name. The banner on some assemblies will be the name of the Lord, but the works therein are deception (keep you from knowing the truth), robbery (steal life from you), and murder (kill your soul that you may not respond to the truth). Now, how shall you obtain the Sight of the Spirit, and find the lost ancient paths?
Be like blind Bartimaeus, who sought for one thing from the Lord Jesus: that he may regain his sight! For many are not with sight to see that which the wicked one wrought in the children of men. No one can follow the Lord without sight, for the eye is the lamp of the body! Your eyes show you the path to follow that your legs might walk therein.
For howbeit those who walk in the wide way which leads to destruction walked? They that belong to the world belong to it by sight obtained by knowledge (tree of the knowledge of good and evil), and they too who shall belong to Elohim shall be partakers by sight obtained by the knowledge of the Son (tree of life).
To obtain the Sight of the Spirit is to first hear the right word(s) which is eternal life, and how shall you know the words of eternal living except you are given the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation which our beloved brother, Apostle Paul, prayed for concerning our fellow brethren in Ephesus in their days (Ephesians 1:17)?
Therefore, I too, since the day you declare your thirst for the way of righteousness, do not cease to hope, that you come into the things of Life, that you may hear the voice of the Just One, and come to know the Truth, walking the paths of Immortality that leads to the Father of spirits.
Therefore, do not cease to include in your prayers daily, that the Lord in His mercy grant you this Sight of the Spirit (Wisdom and Revelation), that you may come into true fellowship with the risen Lord, not coming into the traps of wrong knowledge appearing to be true but filled with darkness and the second death, set in place for them who are not patient, haters of everything God’s and Good; ridden with their own lusts and lack of love; sealing their own fates with their words and selfishness; for them are prepared the place of eternal destruction.
Having heard this, know we have knowledge in the world today camouflaging to be true, appearing in the form of light but are pure darkness; seducing you from the path of righteousness. From such, turn away!
By the blessing of the Lord; the path you seek is hidden in the Scripture (the Bible), sealed with the writings of the Spirit, that only those who seek the Spirit might find it. 
For the whole Scripture are the ways of eternal living; translated words of the knowledge of Eden; guarded by the flaming sword and the presence of Cherubs, and can only be opened by the breath of the Eternal Father, and seen only through the Eyes of the Spirit who wrote it—To Him be the glory forever and ever. 
I shall write to you again in the coming days if you so wish, and do not hesitate to ask me things which are hazy. THE LORD KEEP YOU!
Amos Ade’


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